• Vicki Grace

    Vicki Grace

    The Cloud of Unknowing Gold/Colour, 2015, Mixed media on board, 20 x 20 cm

  • Sheetal Gattani

    Sheetal Gattani

    Untitled, 2007, Acrylic on canvas, 76 x 76 cm

  • Vicki Grace

    Vicki Grace

    Monk's Meditation, 2014, Mixed media on polyester, 121 x121cm

In this body of works by Vicki Grace and Sheetal Gattani we find paintings that reflect the colourful energy that depict the similarities of abstractions and the uniting facts of the Occident and Orient symbolized by these two artists. Grace depicting the subtle of the invisible, the anticipation, Gattani depicting the subtle in the visible, where surface has been scarred by life and time.

In her latest series of paintings Grace is referring to visible meditations, depicting the existence in material and the anticipated non- existence of spirituality. Colour as an expression and carrier of the non-tangible, making the invisible visible, moving between formlessness and finding its expression in form. Vicki Grace loves to paint stillness. The layering of pigments is like a mantra in action, a silent mantra of calm, of anticipating the unknown known. Sometimes touching a subtle space of stillness, sometimes exploding into the vibrancy of colour, into life. The works of this latest series of her paintings are revealing fields of vibrant abstractions, spaces of light and depth and manifest on the surface as moving reliefs of pigments.

Laying down pigment is like a mantra. A moving meditation that is mindful of the spirit of the paint as much as the feel of the strokes. In this way each painting has it’s own history. Though not all visible on the surface, its memory is embedded in the layers. The interplay of opaque and translucent paint invites you into a deeper space. Shapes hover and shift in an ever changing field. Is the painting evolving or dissolving, appearing or disappearing or finding stillness in a state of flux. 
Vicki Grace 2015

An appreciation for colour as both a sensuous experience and spiritual force lies at the heart of Vicki Grace's multifarious art practice. Her canvases are vibrant abstract fields. Built up in crisp impasto layers, they are light and spacious yet full of dispersed colours, manifesting before our eyes as fields of dancing pigments. The experiences that have led to the creation of her works are both circuitous and intertwined, drawn from outside sources but also from inner reflection'.
Damian Smith 2012

Sheetal Gattani’s earthy, rough textured paintings, with their highly reduced visual vocabulary, are built with several layers of watercolours, which in some places erupt on the surface and cause the paintings ro resemble flaking, damp walls. With the weight of the many layers of colour almost equal to that of paper, it is only natural that the surface might bulge or tear, but for Gattani this is as natural and as much a part of her work as anything else. Beginning with a simple piece of black paper, the artist instinctively chooses her colours and the time she needs to switch hues. There is nothing predetermined about her work. Gattani only knows her painting is complete when it ‘seduces’ and ‘talks’ to her.

Born in 1968 in Mumbai, the artist continues to live and work there. In 1990 Sheetal Gattani completed her Diploma in art education, and pursued MFA - Painting from Sir J.J. School of Arts, Bombay in 1993. She has also done a Post Graduate Diploma in Indian Aesthetics, Bombay.

This exhibition is in collaboration with collector/curator Durva Gandhi, BreatheArts Mumbai/Sydney.

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